About US

Void Company
specialized in field of training and technical support in -Engineering fields for students in colleges and schools - Robotics for companies & smart home

Training of Acadmey

- The company provides certified trainers from local or international companies
- The company provides practical training in factories on courses projects and on real machines
- Provide a certified certificate from the company and from the factories to train the trainee

Working space

- Lab 30 preson
- Private LAB 5 preson
- Work shop - Study Area

Laser cutter

- Material acrylic
– Mdf 1mm to 1cm thkiness - Designer support

Electronics store

- all your electronics needs
- the best collection of electronics in market Low Prices. Save Money

Training of Kids

- Study System System Levels At each level the child can learn a new part in the software and also learn the way of thinking in any idea and we provide him with the tools and the place to implement his idea
- After a set of levels he is able to participate in exhibitions and competitions determined by his company
- Age starts from 5 to 17 years